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Rails 6.1 is Out! How to Prepare Your App Now

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Rails 6.1 is officially out! There are a number of memory optimizations, which should improve performance (aka speed!) of your Rails apps.

There are a number of new features coming, too. While there have been third-party libraries available for managing multiple databases, horizontal sharing, and switching connections on a per-database basis, it will be nice to now have this available for all applications.

Another nice feature coming to Rails will allow developers to enable a feature that will disable all eager loading of database associations. This will help us shutdown those pesky N+1 queries.

I know that our team is thrilled to see that we'll be able to put an associated destroy call into background jobs.

Is your Rails app ready to update to 6.1?

Are you running on Rails 6.0.x? Yes, your application is ready for an upgrade.

If not, what version are you running?

Rails VersionYour StatusLatest Release

6.1.x  |   🎉 You're on top of things!   | Dec 2020

6.0.x  | ✅ Ready to upgrade | Oct 2020
5.2.x  | ⚠️ Almost Ready | Sept 2020
5.1.x  | ⚠️ Upgrade to 5.2.x ASAP! | March 2019
5.0.x  | 🚨🙀 OVERDUE for upgrade | March 2019
4.2.x  | 🚨😱💀 Bad situation | May 2020
4.1.x  | 🚨😱💀 Bad situation | July 2016
4.0.x  | 🚨😱💀 Bad situation | Jan 2015
3.2.x  | 🚨😱💀 Bad situation | Sept 2016

Why is everything prior to 5.1.x looking bad for you? Your application is no longer receiving security patches nor bug fixes from the Rails Core Team. (See the official Rails Security Policy)

We recommend that Ruby on Rails be upgraded one major/minor version at a time. For example, if you are running on 5.1 now, you need to upgrade to 5.2 next.

In an ideal world, your goal should be to get your application running on 6.0 by the end of 2021.

🤓 Read When Should You Upgrade Your Rails Application? to learn more about our rationale.

Wait, our developers think we should rewrite our application – do we still need to upgrade?

To be honest, we are not fans of big rewrites.

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