Tuesday, 18 January 2022

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How to quickly familiarize with any legacy Rails app

Ruby on Rails is a mature technology, and probably that’s why many people say that it’s a dead technology. But it’s not. Fewer developers start new projects with Rails, but hun

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My beloved Ruby on Rails cheat sheet

Rails CLI # Create a new rails app $ rails new project_name # Start the Rails server $ rails s # Rails console $ rails c # Ins

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Setup Bootstrap In Rails 6 With Webpacker For Development And Production

This is a documentation on how to setup Bootstrap 4 in Rails 6 using Webpacker. As the framework shifts away from sprockets and the asset pipeline to embrace the dominating met

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Setting Up Complete Test Suite - Rspec, Capybara and Other Gems

How do you setup a Rails project for testing? In this article we will explore what a testing suite, using RSpec and other tools, for a robust developers experience. This articl

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Ruby Creator Yukihiro Matsumoto Interview on Ruby 3.0

Our friend Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of the Ruby programming language, joined us for an interview right after the release of Ruby 3.0! Grigory Petrov, Developer Relations at

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Discover The Best Ruby Frameworks for 2021 (4 Great Options!)

Software developers who work professionally with Ruby are typically up to date with all of the current options for Ruby frameworks,

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How To Backing Up and Restoring a Database In Rails Application

You made it! You’ve launched your e-commerce platform and now you have millions of users accessing it every day. Your site is flooded with users’ information, orders, items, pr

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Understanding the Asset Pipeline in Ruby on Rails

The asset pipeline has been a game-changer for a number of years in the Ruby on Rails community. This article & video is an overview of what the asset pipeline is, how

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How to do Web Scraping with Ruby by Processing CSV

This article is about How to do simple ruby web scraping by processing CSV.In this article, we will create a Ruby on Rails application to scrap the link uplo

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Understanding Rails secrets/credentials

Keeping your credentials safe as a developer is extremely important. You don’t want to commit any sensitive information, like passwords or API keys, to your remote g

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